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KkL Partners is a full-service law firm on a pan india basis. The Firm advises a diverse clientele including sole proprietorships, partnerships, Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs), Hindu Undivided Families, High Net worth Individuals (HNIs), promoter groups, start-ups, domestic companies, financial institutions and companies (e.g., NBFCs) and Alternate Investment Funds.

We have a best friends' affiliation with prominent lawyers and law firms in India with full-fledged dispute resolution practice.

One of our key practice areas is general corporate and commercial laws which extends to various sectors of the economy. The Firm's lawyers are strongly committed and have the experience and expertise in providing advice on a day-to-day basis on corporate, regulatory, governance, operational and structuring matters across a broad range of sectors.

The partners of the Firm have witnessed the impact of the change in regulatory environment relating to foreign investments and have advised on regulations governing foreign investments in a variety of sectors. We regularly advise non-resident and resident clients looking to create business synergies through international tie-ups either through equity investments or technology tie-ups. We also regularly assist clients in setting up their presence in India and in the course of which interact closely with regulators.

We frequently advise our clients on both in-bound and out-bound transactions and acquisitions, which keeps us a step ahead from our peers. This has given the Firm, wide exposure to International laws and first-hand experience on best international legal and business practices, all of which adds substantial value to the advice they render to their clients.

Our experience includes advising on choice of entity and suitability to the business in question, drafting applications and obtaining approvals from government and regulatory bodies, advising and undertaking company incorporation formalities or setting up other forms of presence (branch office, liaison office, project office). The Firm provides a wide range of regulatory assistance services including filing and procuring regulatory approvals, compliances, advice on various regulatory matters, establishment of new market participants, etc.

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Our Beginnings

The Firm was the vision of Lt. Mr. Kedar Nath Vats who, in late 1970s, worked in the Chambers of Late Hon'ble Mr. Justice Prakash Narain, Former Chief Justice, Delhi High Court, Hon'ble Mr. Justice A.B. Saharya, Former Chief Justice, Punjab & Haryana High Court, Hon'ble Mr. Justice Sat Pal, Former Judge, Delhi High Court and Mr. O. P. Malhotra, Senior Advocate. It was during this time that Lt. Mr. Vats learned the inner trappings of the law and created the priceless foundation and steppingstone for the Firm.

The toil of Lt. Mr. Vats provided the knowledge and network for the Firm, culminating in his children and grandchildren in realising the dream of a truly full service law firm, where lawyers provide holistic services spanning the entire cycle of their client's business relationship - where the Firm is right there from the start of the transaction and step effortlessly over transactional threshold, if required, into the labyrinth of the courts, to navigate and guide the clients to get them timely and economically feasible resolutions.

The Firm was constituted in 2018 in the name and style of Kkedarnath Law Offices and was re-constituted as KkL Partners effective May 2019.

The Firm currently has a dedicated team of more than 10 lawyers working out from its head office in New Delhi, India and has best friends' affiliation with more than 200 prominent lawyers and law firms across various cities in India.

Our Approach

OUR AIM is to provide clear, concise and practical advice to the clients based on an in-depth knowledge of the legal, regulatory and commercial environment within which our clients operate and a full understanding of their overall business objectives.

We provide our clients with functional advice, which can be implemented within the framework of the clients' business concerns. Our logo also signifies this approach. The advice we render to our clients is an appropriate combination of legal and transactional expertise and market knowledge delivered in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

OUR SERVICES are bespoke well-knit and tailored to the requirements of the clients and we aim to add value at all stages of an assignment right from its initiation, through its planning up to its execution and closing. We do not believe in templatised solutions and provide well-rounded and commercially balanced advice that matches the risk and reward profile of the client. There is no one size that fits all and we live by that.

The Firm and its lawyers embrace operating to the highest professional standards and building supportive and strong relationships with the clients. These values guide us in providing services and impact the way we interact with the clients.

The Firm advises a full range of clients including domestic and foreign commercial enterprises, multinational corporations and financial institutions.

Things which set us apart from a conventional law firm are: complete partner involvement and availability; top quality commercially oriented legal advice; attention to detail; responsiveness; and a flexible billing policy.

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